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Crowdsourcing workshop

Call for submission sildenafil pfizer prix buy to the crowdsourcing and human computation multidisciplinary workshop organized by the CNRS MASTODONS* challenge.

Crowdsourcing systems are becoming very popular in a

variety of domains and for a wide range of online tasks. Common crowdsourcing scenarios include data gathering

(asking volunteers to tag a picture or a video), document editing (as in Wikipedia), opinion solicitation (asking todo sobre la viagra foodies to provide a

summary of their experience at a restaurant), and collaborative intelligence (asking

residents to match old city maps). Human computation addresses the design or analysis of tadalafil atherosclerosis information processing

systems in which human groups participate as

computational elements. Both fields are concerned with how people can be involved in acheter cialis france ligne solving complex tasks that go beyond the capabilities of current algorithms and with the emergence viagra sans ordonnance of acheter sildenafil 100mg apotex collective intelligence. Research in these domains is interdisciplinary and includes efforts in human computer interaction, cognitive psychology, economics, data bases, information retrieval, artificial

intelligence, etc.
The purpose of this one-day interdisciplinary workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from different fields to share their experience and thoughts about the challenges and opportunities of doing cialis prix officine (or not!) research on crowdsourcing and human computation.
Please submit a 2-page paper in double columns, pdf file, by July 20, 2014.
Authors of accepted papers levitra drug will be notified by August 15, 2014 and invited to present their work. Please use ACM SIG proceeding viagra sans ordonnance templates, buy levitra cod you available at
Organizers (papers to be

cialis generique submitted to them): Sihem Amer-Yahia (CNRS, LIG) and Patrick Gallinari (UPMC, LIP6),
Day: 2014/09/15
Location: Auditorium Marie Curie CNRS, Paris, 75016
* MASTODONS is a challenge on the exploitation of large scientific data sets, launched by the multidisciplinary mission of CNRS.